Friday, August 16, 2019

August 16, 2019

Drink Coffee: Bad News eager of coffee

Drink Coffee: Bad News eager of coffee

Drink Coffee: Bad News eager of coffee

Are you eager to drink coffee? Then you will be shocked to learn that drinking more than 3 cups of coffee a day can increase your risk of migraine or headache.

 A study published in the American General of Medicine looked at migraine sufferers.  Experts found that these individuals had a migraine attack when they drank more than 3 cups of coffee that day or the day before. On the contrary, drinking 1 or 2 cups did not hurt them.

Nasal Pain

Be aware that half the headache is nasal pain or migraine is very painful, it can cause pain in one area of ​​the head and make the patient suffering from unbearable pain. There is no regular treatment for migraine, but it can be timely to get comfortable at home.

Harvard University experts say there are many other causes of migraine, one of which is sleep deprivation, but although the complexity of coffee is very complex, in some cases coffee can reduce the severity of the disease. 


Earlier a study was told that liking our tea or coffee depends on our genetics or DNA. People whose genetics can withstand bitter and unpleasant flavors are the only ones who like to drink bitter coffeeIn contrast, some people's genetics are sensitive to bitter flavors, such people naturally like to drink tea.

Friday, August 9, 2019

August 09, 2019

Mother's milk: Strong shield for children

Mother's milk: Strong shield for children

Mother's milk is a strong shield against many diseases in children

Nourishing mother's milk has not been discovered until now, nor is it possible for newborns to breastfeed within an hour, avoiding breastfeeding water, ghee, honey, tea and above.

Recent research has revealed that babies whose mothers breastfeed have higher intelligence and IQ than other children.
Speaking at a function organized by the Pakistan Pediatric Association(PPA), the speakers said that breast milk is beneficial not only to the baby but also to the mental and physical health of the mother herself. He said that nutritionally lactating breast milk has not been discovered till now, nor is it possible in the future. 

Newborn Babies

The death rate of newborn babies in Pakistan is one of the highest in the world which is mainly due to the mother not breastfeeding her children. 
Speakers said that mother's milk is a white blood, a natural source of transferable diseases in children, but sadly, breastfeeding rates in our country are decreasing day by day. Mortality rates are increasing in children.

She said that mothers should breastfeed their babies within one hour of birth and only breastfeed for six months, followed by soft foods with mother's milk
Breast milk immediately after birth is extremely beneficial for infants, which are found in a variety of antibiotics and proteins, but mothers do not treat their babies as they needed.


Speakers said Allah described the efficacy of breastfeeding in the Holy Quran fourteen hundred years ago in the verses of Surah Al-Baqarah and Surah Al-Ahqaf: Translation: And mothers should breastfeed their children for two years which is being proven today by modern research. He added that newborns should be avoided by giving milk, ghee, honey, tea and top milk in addition to milk.
August 09, 2019

overuse of cell phones: overuse of smartphones causes obesity

overuse of cell phones: overuse of smartphones causes obesity

Overuse of cell phones: Overuse of smartphones causes obesity

Venezuela: According to a research report, using a smartphone five hours a day or more can make you fat.

According to details, today's younger generation spends most of their time with Smartphone, which limits physical activity, according to a research report by Simon Bolivar University Colombia.

Cause of Obesity:

Overuse of cell phones not only causes obesity; it also increases the risk of heart attacks in young people.

There are numerous benefits or services that can be gained with new technology and mobile phones, but overuse of them also reinforces negative behaviors.

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overuse of a cell phones can lead to premature death, diabetes, heart attack, various cancers, outbreaks and many other diseases.

According to research by Simon Bolivar University, 1060 university students found that overuse of mobile phones led to 63.9 percent weight gain in women and 57.4 percent in men.

After the analysis was completed, it was revealed that the risk of obesity among young people who use smartphone for five hours or more daily was 43% higher than that of younger smartphone users.


Experience has also revealed that people use energy drinks, fast food, dessert when using smartphones, eating these things also increases obesity.

Overuse of cell phones accounted for 63.9% of the weight in women and 57.4% of the obesity in men.
August 09, 2019

breast cancer prevention: Red onion aids in breast cancer prevention

breast cancer prevention: Red onion aids in breast cancer prevention

Red onion aids in breast cancer prevention

Do you want to avoid the rapidly spreading disease breast cancer? Then make onions an essential part of your diet. According to a recent research, red onion can be a shield against breast cancer prevention.

According to a research conducted at the University of Guelph Canada, red onions can be a strong resistance against cancer and prevent cancer cells from being born.

Experts put red and other colored onions in front of cancer cells for research; they found that red onions infused cancer cells better than onions of other colors.

Boosting Immunity System

The onion, a component of red onion, protects against numerous diseases, including cancer and cardiovascular disease, while also boosting immunity, the study said.

A pigment anthocyanins in onions and other vegetables that color these vegetables enhances Questen's effectiveness. That is, the darker the color of the onion, the more it will have the same amount of anthocyanins, and the more effective it will be against cancer.
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According to research, red onions break the bond between cancer cells while creating an environment for them that they can no longer grow. Red onion can be helpful not only for breast but also against other types of cancers, including colon cancer.

Experts say that in addition to red onions and other colors also contain high amounts of antioxidants and quinones, which can protect against many diseases including cancer.

Monday, July 15, 2019

July 15, 2019

breakfast for weight loss: but do not make these mistakes

breakfast for weight loss: But do not make these mistakes

Breakfast for weight loss: But do not make these mistakes

Its obligatory breakfast for weight loss nowadays. People are not able to enjoy their breakfast by sitting comfortably due to their work or office, they only use things ready in their breakfast in the short time. It is better to have breakfast like this, without eating breakfast. For getting better weight loss results, breakfast is essential.

The most important thing at the beginning of the morning is breakfast. In such a case, it is necessary not only that you not only control the weight but also to keep yourself healthy, have a healthy breakfast in the morning. Imagine you have to bring your waist and body in shape. If you go to the gym and then take a pizza left in breakfast then will it help you to make the right balance between food and workouts?

Do not eat breakfast for weight loss:

If you think that you do not have breakfast then it can be dangerous for you because it will deteriorate your metabolism balance and you will feel hungrier due to which you will not be Okay, which is not right for you. So, you must have breakfast for weight loss and health as well.

Mix honey in green tea and drink it in breakfast for weight loss

If you mix fatty cream in your tea or coffee in the morning then it will be delicious but it also increases your weight and your body shape will get spoiled. So, you drink honey in green tea in the morning. Apart from this, you will feel like starting your day with energy drink is very important but because of the high amount of sugar it is not good for your health. Instead you can take fresh fruit juice and start your day well.
breakfast for weight loss: but do not make these mistakes
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Mixing too much salt in the food:

Salt is necessary for cooking, because it increases the taste, but using high quantities of salt can cause high blood pressure. There are many Breakfast foods that require salt, such as Paratha, French Toast, Poha etc. That's why you take breakfast food that requires less salt and you stay healthy.

Weight reduce or belly fat by your breakfast, but do not make these mistakes

Apart from eating more fatty breakfast such as noodles, you will feel heavy-hearted throughout the day. So, you can take cornflakes and milk, take fruit, use bread toast, etc. which are very light breakfast for weight loss and healthy life as well.

More fiber and oats

Fiber is very beneficial for our body but by taking too much of it. We will feel sluggish all day long. Therefore, you are advised to use non-sugar oats in your breakfast for better health and better for weight loss.


Let us know here that oats are a great breakfast choice but when you add sugar to it, it becomes the worst breakfast. If you want to add supplements to make oats tasty, then you can add dry fruits and honey to it.

Sunday, July 14, 2019

July 14, 2019

How to lose weight: lose 9 KG in 7 days just do these 2 measures.

How to lose weight: lose 9 KG in 7 days just do these 2 measures.

How to lose weight 9 KG in 7 days just do these 2 measures.

If you are thinking of going to the gym to lose weight, then try these two ways first. With the help of these you can be easily lose weight in 7 days. Obesity is usually lifestyle, Fat body or body fat does not look good at all. If you only get used to daily routines, you lose weight once a week.

1. 9 KG weight can be reduced in 7 days just do these 2 measures

These two are the perfect remedy for which neither you need to go to the gym or nor the medicines to reduce weight. The biggest principle of reducing obesity is that you have to spend the calorie deposited in your body in the same proportion.

2. Change your eating habits to lose weight.

If you want to start fasting or reducing obesity within a week, then you have to make changes in your daily routine. The habit of eating must be changed. What we eat is our body. A type of food that should avoid excessive sugar, calories should be avoided. For example, to avoid baked goods, fried foods, sweet beverage, should not be included in your diet. These things are very fat, which leads to obesity.

3. Do not eat them for fast - how to lose weight.

This means that you do not have to eat cakes, cookies, cupcakes, muffins, breads, pastries. Along with this food, snack food, French fries, potato chips should not be eaten at all. Apart from this, you should avoid consuming baked products of fish, meat and poultry.

To burn fat, one should choose only a low-protein diet. Instead of fried things, grilled things are better to eat. More fry things in the oil make fat, while roasted things do not allow fat in your body. Alcohol, cold drinks and sweets should be avoided as well. On the other hand, ice cream enhances your body fat and it takes a lot of time to reduce or decrease or lose weight.

4. Practice fast walking best way how to lose weight gradually.

Walking, walking, walking fast, is an exercise that has a low weight of your weight. With the help of these you can easily find the results you want in a few days. Just by walking, you can lose 0.46 kg i.e. one pound weight, but all depend on how much you walk in a week.

It is true that you can reduce your weight by up to 9 kg only by walking without having to go to the gym. With 10,000 steps you can make an unprecedented reduction in your weight every day and you will start seeing this effect within a week.

It may take more than 10,000 steps you can take, but if you try, you can walk on your daily routine. You do not necessarily need to move 10,000 steps at a time. Rather it can also be divided into pieces.

5. What should you do? for immediate how to lose weight:

Always keep your destination away from the car parking area for this. So that this excuse will be able to put you in the habit of walking. You support the stairs rather than lift. That is, take a habit of walking in your daily routine.


Leave the habit of driving for small distances. However, a person must walk around 2000 steps to lose weight. Understand that you get 100 calories burned in one mile. But if you make a habit of running 10,000 steps at a short interval then your weight is fast enough and you do not have to go to the gym at all.
July 14, 2019

Home remedies for dandruff: How to cure dandruff permanently

Home remedies for dandruff: How to cure dandruff permanently

Home remedies for dandruff: How to cure dandruff permanently

Let's know some home remedies for dandruff removal, How to cure dandruff permanently from your head. It is common to be dandruff in the head. The weather is hot, rain or winter, the problem of dandruff in the hair is very disturbing. Not only that, due to bad food and fungal infection, most people suffer from dandruff Problems.

Dandruff's home remedies are hidden in these 20 things,

Know why dandruff is in the head, these 5 reasons are responsible, If there is more dandruff in the head then it is better to adopt some home remedies rather than medicines. In such a situation, instead of pathological medicines, if you use some of the beneficial things in your kitchen, then the Dandruff removal make your hair will be long and strong.

Let's know some home remedies for removing the dandruff from your head.

19 Effective domestic methods of dandruff extermination.

1. Poppy Seeds: 

Grind four teaspoons poppy seeds in milk and apply them in the hair roots. Wash the head after half an hour. Use shampoo in the wash. Wash the hair twice this way in a week.

2. Gram Flour 

Mix four tablespoons of gram flour in a large glass of water and rub on the hair and wash your head. Dandruff will be over.

3. Turmeric Powder 

At night, soak roasted turmeric powder with peeled water. Grind it in the morning and apply it in the head. Wash the head after half an hour. Then comb them in the wet hair.

4. Curd for Hair 

Washing hair with curd twice a week removes dandruff.

5. Amla for Dandruff removal

Soak five spoonful of Amla in half a cup of water at night, wash it with water in the morning.

6. Beetroot for Hair 

Boiling the leaves of beetroot by boiling water, dandruff is removed.

7. Dandruff Head 

Dandruff gets rid of the head even after washing his head.

8. Coconut Oil 

Mix camphor in coconut oil and apply the oil well in hair and head.

9. Lemon Juice for Hair 

Put lemon juice in the hair. Wash the head after some time.

10. Shampoo the hair 

Shampoo the hair well after applying the oil and then apply any good mouthwash on the scalp. After planting 5-10 minutes, wash it with water.

11. Leftover Gram Flour 

Mix leftover gram flour and curd on lemon and mix it on scalp. Apart from this, garlic paste can also be used in lemon.

12. Baking Soda 

Mix equal water in two table spoon baking soda, which makes them look like a gel. Leave this gel on the head and leave for 15 minutes. After that wash the head thoroughly.

13. Homemade Vinegar 

Mix vinegar thoroughly with water and wash the head thoroughly. Do this course twice a week.

14. Egg Paste 

Apply egg paste on the head skin and leave it for half an hour, after which wash the head thoroughly.

15. Lemon Juice and Coconut Oil 

Take four to five spoons of lemon juice and add the same amount of coconut oil in it. Massage it well on the sculpture and wrap wet towels on the head. Wash the head after half an hour.

16. Fenugreek Seeds 

Soak some of the fenugreek seeds for overnight. Grind them in the morning and apply them on the skin of the head.

17. Soot the Soils Conditioner 

Soak soot the soils in water throughout the night. Make a paste of it in the morning and add lemon juice to it and apply for 20 minutes on the hair. Then wash your head.

18. Massage the Head 

Massage the head thoroughly with night with mustard oil. Wrap the towels soaked in hot water for a few hours on the head and stay asleep. Wash the head the next day.

19. Aloe Vera Gel 

Aloe Vera gel is found in the market. Massage the head thoroughly with this gel and wash the head after an hour.


With the help of these measures, your head will be smuggled and your hair will remain soft and silky. All these measures also provide long-term strength to the hair.